Continental GT or GTC: Secure Your Build Slot Today!

Continental GT or GTC: Secure Your Build Slot Today!

Continental GT New Bellevue Washington


Brand new redesigned Continental GT & GTC with two engine options, V8 and W12. It’s interior and exterior finishes will leave you speechless. This is luxury, redefined.

Continental GT Bellevue Washington


The new Continental GT features a dual clutch transmission providing effortlessly smooth gearshifts throughout its powerband. Its 48V Active Roll Control system, which senses road conditions to optimize handling, makes this the most advanced Bentley ever built.


626 BHP

0-60MPH in 3.6S

A Step Up for Luxury

The new Continental GT & GTC interior can be commissioned from 15 distinct interior hides, which cover everything from the seats to the door panels. Similarly, your choice of 17 exterior finishes are applied using a new piano-finish paint process, extended with a further range of 13 finishes.

Step into the New Continental GT

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Address: 1882 136th PL NE Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: 425-646-3111